I know it’s been a very long time. Here’s why:

I will start with telling you that I am one half of a Girl Scout Troop Leader team that kicks butt! Our girls are in 6th grade. It’s a tough age for the girls to still be Girl Scouts so we have sometimes struggled with being relevant to the girls and keeping them interested. As part of a larger goal as a group we have to do what is called a “journey” that is created by the Girl Scout organization. These journey’s are not the greatest. They are very boring for the girls. A lot of sitting down and talking and reading and only a few activities along the way. (Girl Scouts needs to get their crap together!)

So, our Girl Scout Journey is about the Media and how the girls are being influenced by it and how they can have influence through it. It’s actually a pretty great message once we have tweaked it towards our girls.

One of the things we talked about is, of course, online media, and if they had a blog what would it be about. A lot of the girls wanted to write about whatever their favorite things are; animals, music, things like that. So I asked them if they had something that they wanted to write about, but they thought would offend someone they cared about, would they still write about it? And most of them said that if they wanted to write about touchy subjects they would write anonymously. This concerned me because it is the way of social media today. Put a generic picture and a non-identifying name on your twitter or Instagram account and then you can say any rude thing you want with very little consequence. On the other hand, I understand why they said it. I shared with them my reason for asking.

I stopped writing my blog because I wasn’t posting my views for fear of offending loved ones. I come from a large family, on both sides, with many different views on a variety of issues. I also have many feelings about how I grew up and would love to share what I’ve learned as an adult exploring all of those feelings. I read a lot of other peoples views on things and I love reading the writings of everyday people who are living well despite their shortcomings. I think sharing those shortcomings help own them and rise above them but I have felt stifled because I fear the backlash from my family. So the question is: do our Girl Scouts have the right idea? Should some feelings remain anonymous?

Share your feelings with me on this subject please. I would love to hear what you think. I will share them with our Girl Scouts as well as take them to heart in my own writing future.