Ben (my son) has been hounding me to write a new blog post so here I am! He says I should write about the school year starting again and how stressful it is. I thought about this and realized that I do not find the start of school stressful at all. On the contrary, I love it! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

They leave every morning now and I get to be quiet for 6 whole hours. (Really only if Bruce is on the road.) And I get to do what I want. Well….not really! They get mad at me if I don’t cook dinner and keep their clothes clean! But if I want to get in the car and find a new place to photograph, I can and no one keeps me from it. (I really do live a charmed life.)

I love school supply shopping too! Notebooks and folders and pens and pencils and backpacks! Oh I love it all! I wish I could get all new school supplies every year too! Although, this year Ben tells me he needs 4-2″ binders; one for each of his core curriculum courses I told him he was bat-shit crazy. If he thought he was going to get them all in his backpack everyday along with his books he was in for a rude awakening! And a bad back!

My only gripe with back-to-school time is the homework that gets sent home for ME on the first day of school. I was swimming in emergency cards and band permission slips and all sorts of ridiculous letters about school lunches and why they are spraying our children down with pesticides. Aren’t we supposed to be saving the rain forests people?



So for all the moms and dads out there that are spending their weekend filling out contact cards and trying to decide if you want to put your questionable neighbor down as a emergency contact, I feel your pain!

Happy September!!!