I may very well be the worst procrastinator in the universe. I will accept any and all challenges to my self-given title.

I have so so many projects on my to do list. (It’s a proverbial list because I have procrastinated about putting my list on paper!) And I just keep not doing them. I can find a reason to paint my own toe nails or take a walk (that’s not such a bad thing) but I can’t find a reason to get going on even one of my projects.

I can make excuses, if I am asked, why this or that hasn’t been done but there really is no reason for it. I just am never sure how to get started on something that may take more than 10 minutes. All I can see is the finished product. All of our pictures organized by date or event and in the nice little picture boxes I purchased more than a year ago! All of my torn magazine pages of different exercises for buns of steel or rock solid abs organized in a binder by body part. (I assume that the fact that that particular project isn’t complete is the reason I do not have abs of steel.) Blog post ideas all in one notebook so that I can post more regularly (as if anyone reads it besides my husband and son!). (I also need some gumption to go along with it because most of my blog ideas require me to take a stance on a touchy subject or discuss my younger years, which involve my (many) parents whom I have wonderful relationships with and would prefer to keep it that way.)

I just can’t get there in my head. I can imagine digging into all of our family photos and then just sitting on the floor in tears because the kids are growing up too fast and never getting anything accomplished! And I haven’t even told you yet that I am supposed to be making memory books for both of the kids with the pictures I find while rummaging through those precious photos. UGH! I can’t even think about it without getting anxious!

I guess the first step is admitting that I am defenseless against my procrastination. So here I am: admitting.

I will conquer this though! I have faith! It just may take a couple more years of planning! =]