Would you rather have less work to do, or more work to do that you actually enjoy doing?

I chose this question because I recently quit my “job” to be home and work my a$$ off! I’m just getting paid differently now! (In smiles and kisses!)

I was working for a small software company with the title of Technical Support. I was actually doing much more than that but only getting paid the sad salary of a drone answering a phone. That rhymes! (There are a few wonderful people that I left behind there that deserve to be getting paid much more than they are making right now.)

What I am doing now is taking care of everything that my husband and my two children need! This is a highly under rated job. This is me having more work that I actually enjoy doing! I have worked harder in the last four weeks than I worked in two years at the software company. I know there are a million Moms that are doing the same thing and I want each of you to know that you are appreciated and you are tired with good reason and you have earned much more than you are given!

In the past four weeks and even the few weeks before that when I would explain to anyone asking that I will no longer be working but “just staying at home with the kids” I felt like I was saying something I should be ashamed of. I can tell you now that “staying home” and caring for each of the members of my family has quickly become the proudest badge that I wear! And I can tell you that the word work should not be limited to people who clock in and out and work 8 hour shifts in a place other than their home. After four weeks of staying home with the kids I am exhausted and every inch of my body is sore and with the exception of Sundays I have not spent more than a car ride on my butt. (Which is more than I can say for the two years I answered phones.)

I hear it all the time: “I just stay home with the kids.” JUST, JUST! I hate that word. People who sit on their asses and don’t take care of kids or the house or all of the other things that a mom does in a day JUST stay home.  I know that I can speak for many stay at home moms when I say that our days are filled with lists of things to do and if they don’t get accomplished then the people that we love most in the world will be disappointed. This would be considered complete job failure as far as a mom is concerned.

Now that does not mean that those I serve (the most wonderful three people in the world!) get everything they want! Giving a child everything he/she wants would be a terrible thing to do. Without learning a sense of earning how will they ever learn that there are rewards to hard work. My husband, on the other hand, does get just about everything he wants! I can tell you though, that he has earned every thing he gets! Including my love, honor and respect.

Even the “chores” that a mom does day-in and day-out are at the service of her family. Making sure that everyone is sleeping on clean sheets and have plenty of clean clothes to wear. And making sure that the dust is kept at a reasonable level in the house! (There is really no keeping up with the dust!)

I feel as though I can say with indisputable confidence that I would much rather have more work that I enjoy than just having less work.