I came across a wonderful local Facebook group called Hobblefoot Crafts run by a very sweet woman who knits just about anything you can come up with. I was a bit skeptical (I think I can do lots of stuff that ends up coming out terribly) but the photos of her work were all beautiful so I was waiting for something I just had to have to pop up and it finally happened and I am so happy I have to share with you all! I chose what I am calling summer slippers. My “winter slippers” were getting toIMG_4881o warm but my feet need something soft under them on our hard floors and I am not a fan of wearing socks all day. Especially when I am not wearing socks out of the house.

Not only did I get to choose the color of my slippers but for a very small charge she put Jute on the bottoms so that I can wear them out on the deck! The best part, honestly, is that they were done in two days. I told her what I wanted and then bam! They were ready! It took me longer to find time to go pick them up!

IMG_4886I got them home and tucked my feet into them and they are so incredibly comfortable that I haven’t taken them off in 3 hours. I have a feeling I am going to wear through them before the summer and need another pair. They are soft to step on, so my feet have the cushion they were looking for. And they are loose fitting but they don’t flop! They are really just right!

I highly recommend taking a look! Hobblefoot Crafts

…Back to my regularly scheduled teenage parenting horrors. Sometimes it just has to be about us parents!