Do you believe in love at first sight?

That spark. The flash of light. Like your whole life flashing before your eyes in one instant.

I believe in it! I was a skeptic for a while. But I can tell you now, looking back on that first moment, that I loved him right then and there. It was right out of a movie. Slow motion, the surrounding people disappeared, I became temporairly deaf. There he was. I’m going to marry this man.

Damn it! Is that his girlfriend?

Instantly everything snapped back to reality. I was being introduced to Bruce and his girlfriend (who shall remain nameless).
Well, it was a small set-back but I’d like to think that the world stopped for 30 seconds for him too because they weren’t together much longer!

We moved in fast forward and sideways after that. And nothing like a Hollywood fairytale but we are what I would consider the model of a well put together couple now. But that day that I first laid eyes on my other half there was a little extra electrical impulse that jumped in my heart and I believe that was my intuition telling me that this man was the one! If that’s not love at first sight than I don’t know what is.