Am I nuts?…


Ok people the local music store just called me to tell me that Rachel’s trumpet is ready to pick up. Queue panic attack!

We already have a drum set and an acoustic and electric guitar in the house. What was I thinking encouraging Rachel to take up the trumpet? It was totally my idea too. I love the trumpet when it is played well. Like maybe a little Miles Davis or the trumpet played in The Dave Matthews Band. But I have just realized that handing a trumpet to my 9 year old is not going to be good for our ears! OY!

On the bright side it didn’t cost near as much as I thought it would to lease a trumpet for the school year.

I am sure you will be hearing about this again soon!

Circa 1989…For the ladies

Let me ask all the ladies: When is the last time you put a banana clip in your hair!?

I cleaned out our “hair do-dads” drawer and in it I found this lovely banana clip. I didn’t know Banana Clipit was in there and my hair has been pretty short for most of my adult life so I can’t imagine I ever wore it. Rachel won’t let me put anything except a pony tail in so she certainly hasn’t been the one wearing it. Where has this mysterious hair accessory of the 80′s come from?

Not sure I will ever know.

Happy New Year…in September

As most of you know my husband, Bruce, is Jewish. So tomorrow evening we are celebrating Rosh Hashana (I hope I spelled that right). I have to share with everyone how much I love having so many holidays to celebrate living among two different heritages. Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year which means that to wish everyone a sweet new year we eat lots of fruits and sweet dishes at our meal! YUM!

Right this very minute in my oven is an Apple Noodle Kugel that is to die for! And before that was a batch of Apple Strudel Cheesecake Bars! I am still debating baking Apple Pie Won tons! My mother-in-law is making a apricot chicken dish that sounds awesome too!

I have to say that I think this might be my favorite holiday of them all! Except maybe Hanukkah; fried potatoes and 8 nights of presents! Oh Yeah!

At any rate, that is what I’m up to today! Swimming in apples and recipes and really enjoying myself!

UPDATE: Dinner was awesome! Perhaps our best yet!